"I work primarily with oil and varnish paint. Every now and then, I also work with Acryl. The carrier material is either wood or canvas.


When I start painting a picture, I prefer very much to do so without a previous plan or idea. I prefer to simply start somewhere on the naked or with varnish paint pretreated foundation and then to just work my way over the entire surface. That way, the painting develops, piece for piece; the figures etc. evolve in the moment, just like in a brainstorming. I don't filter anything out, I don't have any visuals/pictures in my head beforehand. Sometimes, like in a puzzle, without any intent, even develops a continous theme - a direction.


This is very appealing to me, as this way I manage to keep on surprising myself continually. Because of the many years in which I have worked on archeological excavations, every now and then prehistoric motives also do influence my paintings in different ways. Apart from that I don't like to commit myself to a certain type of style or technique; that would restrict me too much. And so I will continue to try out and experiment with many things."


- Annelie Hornbostel